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The little steps you take today will determine your future success.”
-Russ Hovendick

Russ Hovendick is a highly successful recruiter as well as mentor and good friend. His passion for recruiting has gone well beyond filling an open position. He is truly committed to the education and training of professionals in all areas looking to better their career and become the very best professionals they can be. I am proud to be a part of this team as Management Development Coach for Directional Motivation.

Directional Motivation

  • Are your interviewing skills keeping from landing the position you really want?
  • Did you just graduate, but now are puzzled on how to strategically develop your career?
  • Are you a transitioning veteran struggling to find your place in the civilian employment market?
  • Are there directions that you would like to take your career, but unsure of the steps to take?
  • Are there directions that you would like to take your career, but unsure of the steps to take?

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Our site is completely free and our purpose is to provide you with resources that will assist you in your life and career. What do we ask in return? In most cases, we just ask you to support our cause. How much? That’s completely up to you. It may be a donation of $1 or $500- we don’t care. Let’s get you on the path to success today!

Russ Hovendick

How To Interview

How To Interview is a free, bi-monthly, educational newsletter offered by Martin Management, Inc.  Info is taken from the book, “How To Interview,” written by my good friend and colleague, Russ Hovendick.  “As a Fortune 500 human resources professional with over twenty years of experience, I will assure you:  this resource will not only enhance your interview skills, it will also systematically improve your overall communication.” –Zina Cooper
As a bonus, Russ is offering a 25% discount to anyone purchasing the book through this site.  Enter the Code, CMARTIN, at checkout.

For more information or to purchase this book,  Click Here